To be or not to be?


Yesterday in the evening I was walking on the terrace of my house and was constantly gazing at the tree which is all green and bears  bunches of white flowers. Somehow I have always felt connected with this beautiful tree. It started getting dark and the tree somehow was appearing black, all I could feel was an outline of it. It got me thinking, no matter how individual leaves and flowers seem in the day light at the end of the day they only are the shadowed outline of a one big tree. Does that mean they shouldn’t be an individual? I think no because they need to realize this one big tree is functioning because of their individual work otherwise no photosynthesis would happen and tree wouldn’t even survive. 

Similarly one should never leave their individuality and keep on doing the best they can do. After all this world is colored from billion different individualists. Just imagine had they been same what the world would be like.

“Somehow world is better with the chaos of the different colors of individuality”. 


10 thoughts on “To be or not to be?

  1. Nice, the first thought I had was the shakespearan dilemma and then I realize you have used it quite cleverly to bring in a subtle but a very strong point.. nice one Yamini 🙂

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