A Girl Thing


She was watching this video of some valley which she was yet to explore and the conversation of last night took a toll. Being a girl does come with a limitation of its own but little did she ever realise that it will keep her from the experiences she long. Her friends asked her for a trip to which she gently refused. The funny part is that did not crush her heart but the conversation with her parents that shattered the strings of the dream she was weaving. Continue reading


Not about who you were, bout who you wana be by being who you are!


A lot of thoughts keep on popping in my head.Millions of people walk by my side and it never fails to amaze me every time as I notice their individuality. While some of them are already living their Dreams, some are still chasing theirs & there lies a category with people who are barely aware of the path they are walking on and where should they be heading. I have heard this quote many times- “To travel is better than to arrive.” It’s quite apt too. The joy which lies in the journey. Continue reading