Let it Go


Let it go..

Let it all go..

Walk away

Walk away to place so quite

where the pumping blood

can speak into your ears

& how lively you are,

you can realize.

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Down Time


After all this while keeping everything together, she broke. She broke into zillions of pieces and the strangest thing is that made no sound to anyone. When something breaks, people around knows that something is broken. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work? She thought to herself rocking herself back and forth with the puffy eyes and uncontrollable tears still dripping down her eyes. She thought of all the people whom she loved and who loved her, it made her heart twitch. Nobody was beside her or for all that matter behind her to make sure this heartbreaking phenomenon doesn’t paralyse the will and strength of moving forward. She tried standing where she was sitting and the shivers grew stronger with the sobs and she couldn’t hold her weight. All the turbulence inside her heart and mind took a toll. She sat back and sobbed some more. Is it ok to grow weary of people? Continue reading

A Girl Thing


She was watching this video of some valley which she was yet to explore and the conversation of last night took a toll. Being a girl does come with a limitation of its own but little did she ever realise that it will keep her from the experiences she long. Her friends asked her for a trip to which she gently refused. The funny part is that did not crush her heart but the conversation with her parents that shattered the strings of the dream she was weaving. Continue reading

First SmartPhone Experience


If I say imagine life without a smart phone, most of the people would literally have a heart attack at that very moment. What can I say, this is the way the high end technology is working. However, the case with me is slightly different, probably because my parents always believed in not going after materialistic things unless and until their requirement cannot be overseen. I had been using Nokia phone for quite a long time. Everything was okay with my phone except for the technology since when we talk about moving forward, we need to match the steps with the time. On that note I decided that I should get a smart phone. I had no particular idea as in which one I should be opting, so my sister suggested me MOTO E as she was using it and her reviews compelled me to not to search too much and go for it.

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Matter Ov Time


A glam of time,

a scum of Life..

Dreams are divine

to be left behind..

We get entangled

in mind’s maze..

pursuing what ever

it compels and says..

flooding our heart

with jerks and aches..

with a hope that

someday it would

be different from

the ongoing hassle..

And will not make

us falter again!!!!


The Teacher: Mother Nature


Nature has never failed to surprise me, inspire me in ways I cannot define. I never gave it a thought how all of this started before coming across this contest featured by Kissan at http://www.kissan.in/ . I know for some reason I consider nature as my source of inspiration but never followed the trail back to discover when it started and how it started. My writings, my optimistic behavior and every trait of mine is inspired from nature in a way or other. So I decided to reverse and discover the very reason of all of it. I remember once when in summer holidays while enjoying TV at my grand mother’s place, a sparrow entered the room and got kind of trapped and before we could switch off the fan it had it’s encounter with fan and was on the floor. Continue reading

Let it go and greater good will follow.


Ever felt like things you love might slip off from your hands? I have been having thrills like this from morning itself. While cleaning the cupboard I got a lot of stuff, most of them were the things which I was holding back from the fear that they might be important to me but the truth was they were the things that were stacked in my cupboard for more than a year but it was more or less like trash. I chose to let them go finally. Continue reading