Places and Fragrance. #InspireAFragrance


New place is like a new experience which leaves you spell bounded and sweeps you off your feet at times. People say that what you see is what you capture in your mind for lifetime and what you breathe helps you in personifying that place. To me I don’t have that bag full of experience but yes I do have some of it and it has been wonderful. My visit to Italy is one of them and let me tell you whatever you say in praise of that wonderful country always seemed less to me when I witnessed it with my own eyes. It all started the moment I stepped on that foreign land. It was winter season at that time. My first step out of plane and the fresh air struck me and after that I was forced to question my definition of fresh which I had till then in my mind.

What i saw after exiting the airport was lane of tall beautiful trees and the wet land because of the rain. The air smelled as if I am breathing in the water itself and the trees and wet soil were adding to it making me restless and to take deep breath, time and again. We reached our home which was in the city named Latina. It was late night when we reached home. In the morning we were welcomed by fresh snow fall. We went for a walk. The city roads had columns of the orange bearing trees which added to the beauty of the city and above all added a new flavor to the air which was amalgamation of limish, orangish and cool, fresh water.This made me walk for almost an hour before heading home, it remained my routine for the time I stayed there. After all I couldn’t miss savoring this heavenly smell. This all flashed in my mind like a jiffy when I saw this link: Though somehow it made me nostalgic but in a way it lifted off the dust from good, old memories.


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