Tree & Life.


I was walking on the road and all I could see was road painted with yellow. Yellow leaves shed by trees were all over. I couldn’t help myself so started thinking over a thought. We keep on running behind things we know we cannot hold on to knowingly those things are supposed to be left after all they are not meant for us or their purpose in our life is fulfilled. Every thing or each person that happens to come in or life is for a well defined purpose that might vary from learning a lesson to getting life from that person. Continue reading


Purpose: Attain it


Powerful are those people who believe in the beauty of their dreams and invaluable is the moment when they realize it. Well there is no particular so called ‘funda’ for finding what you wish from life. Not saying it’s too easy but yes all we need is to take is a moment and realize what we wish from our life, what purpose we want to fulfill, the purpose that makes us alive, the purpose we can give our life for it because that Purpose is what we stand for. Continue reading