It’s our choices that shows who we truly are, far more than our abilities.

I came across the above quote and it filled me with quite a lot of light. Reason being it helped me in reflecting of what I’ve done so far with myself. A lot of time it happens that you have to take decisions. Decisions, which might alter your life in ways that nothing in that scenario would be same. But then they have to be made sooner or later. These are the choices which you opt. There might be risks subject to the kind of choice you are making. It’s not easy getting through that phase because it’s hard to predict what one thing is holding in folds for us in future but then that’s the beauty of it. Going through that journey and living each and every experience in ways that gives you lessons for lifetime but above all  as the quote says you are defined by the decisions/choices you make because possessing abilities is one thing but then stretching your limits and doing beyond what you are capable of certainly defines you as a person. Needless to say courage, determination etc is what takes a person long way.

Famous TED speaker Simon Sinek in one of his videos gave a golden circle to go forward with any work. That golden circle comprises of 3 sub circles. Each circle representing a word. Here is how one can sum up the above decision making in following steps:

  • Why do we want to go for the choice which we are opting?
    Because unless and until we know the reason behind the work we’re doing what we are doing, there is no point in running behind it.
  • What is it that you need to do to attain the end result you want through that choice?
    This question will sum up the kind or the ways of doing things. ‘Taking the road less traveled or road traveled more often’ kind of thing.
  • How you are going to reach your ultimate goal means the step by step process?
    How defines what are the steps you are going to take each and every day so that you make sure you are reaching your ultimate aim.

Among all of the above three questions the most important one is ‘Why we are doing what we are doing’. It’s the key to the whole process, in short the heart from where wonderful things starts .


12 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Abilities are kind of things you do but choices are the things you wanted too and so yes we can say that our choices that shows who we truly are, far more than our abilities..

    Read twice to get what you said.(poor English)

    Thanks for a different post. Keep Writing.

    • Thanks for the read Sunny, really appreciate your efforts to get the meaning despite of the difficulties you had! I will try to write in a more easy way next time

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