Down Time


After all this while keeping everything together, she broke. She broke into zillions of pieces and the strangest thing is that made no sound to anyone. When something breaks, people around knows that something is broken. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work? She thought to herself rocking herself back and forth with the puffy eyes and uncontrollable tears still dripping down her eyes. She thought of all the people whom she loved and who loved her, it made her heart twitch. Nobody was beside her or for all that matter behind her to make sure this heartbreaking phenomenon doesn’t paralyse the will and strength of moving forward. She tried standing where she was sitting and the shivers grew stronger with the sobs and she couldn’t hold her weight. All the turbulence inside her heart and mind took a toll. She sat back and sobbed some more. Is it ok to grow weary of people? Continue reading


Chapter from my life.


Life is a mix of both white and black. The deeper you plunge into one colour, more are your chances of exploring the other one but for that you’ve to keep looking. I am a self motivated person and I drive my energies from my surroundings. Nature, as I have mentioned in my previous blogs too, has been my prime inspiration always. I am usually very giddy and okay type of person but then  there is always a low to every high. Life exists in contrast; sometimes a thought crosses my mind why the tough time even exists? But then if we think about it what would be life like if nobody has any issues? There would be no going out of comfort zone; there would be no reason to look up to, not even a purpose to live for! Like whole definition of life would crumble. That’s the exact reason which explains it all, the existence of everything. The housing( people are on a spree of making our difficult lives easy by providing world class services in one go. Continue reading



Being big bird is not easy

its not even that tough too..

but yet taking 1st step

requires enough of your will..

but what of the

birds with small wings..

with small song..

with small hopes of theirs

will they be drowned

in the storms???

nope they will emerge

more powerfully…

cuz it’s the TIME…


When small birds

being hit by storms

just get stronger day by day

strengthening their wings..

In the end..

small birds

sings the song describing