Far & Apart


​How did it come so far

I drifted a bit away

And you moved apart
As if from 

You being Moon and

Me being star

It converted to

You being Sun

to me remaining 

The star.
I walked up a bit fast

So i can see you 

Making efforts to catch up.

And you left your pace

 altogether So that 

The distances becomes longer.
Lil did you know

I am always present 

Even when you started being Sun

i was there faded in your light
On the way when you thought

I will never lower my pace

I almost stopped walking

Looking over my shoulder that you will catch up

And you did but you thought I left you behind wherein at last the case was otherwise. 


Matter Ov Time


A glam of time,

a scum of Life..

Dreams are divine

to be left behind..

We get entangled

in mind’s maze..

pursuing what ever

it compels and says..

flooding our heart

with jerks and aches..

with a hope that

someday it would

be different from

the ongoing hassle..

And will not make

us falter again!!!!