Twisted Night


Saying goodbyes is always hard, especially when people are close to you. It so happens that a friend of ours, Dhuan(well his name is pronounced like this at times by people and since it hilarious I will use this) was leaving for an onsite assignment and seeing him off at airport seemed like a customary thing to do. Dhuan was actually the person who used to drive us around everywhere. This time another friend, Walia ji drove us, a person whose company we usually enjoy in office because of him being ‘The Lively Kind’. Continue reading


Darkness: Haiku



Beautifully lit Full moon night..
       It’s time to let it all go  
Draining my darkness out TONIGHT!

Night is the time to shine


Night is the time to shine Whenever I look at sky at night, I wonder why stars are visible at night only and why they twinkle when they are nothing much more but hot gases? The answer to that has been really simple. Though they are hot gases but they are hot because of the reactions happening withing them and it’s the darkest hour that make them shine. Same goes for us as well everything lies in the moment of darkness when we are struggling with each and every obstacle and come out shining like a star. So when you see darkness engulfing you withing take it as a sign that it’s going to make you shine if you put you blood, sweat and tears to keep on fighting for what you want!