Let it Go


Let it go..

Let it all go..

Walk away

Walk away to place so quite

where the pumping blood

can speak into your ears

& how lively you are,

you can realize.

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Because it’s Birthday of my Goddess!


I have been writing a lot about how incredibly beautiful this life is, and today as well I am going to write about the same but centered around one person in my life. I am going to talk about my mother because it’s her birthday today and I think some moments give you a perfect time to think, reflect and express almost like pausing your life and taking out time to things which you miss on in your daily life.

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Live life like never before


We constantly are walking with the flow of our lives which keeps us from thinking how mesmerizing life is & sometimes it so happens that you don’t even realize it until it’d be last breath that you’d be taking in. That is the moment you see your life span in blink of an eye. You have mixed emotions and you want to do all those things you have loved all your life but were never able to do because you were too busy and entangled in life cycle. Continue reading

Beautiful You & A Happy Story.


Today while I was on my way to college,I suddenly realized something that was a thought. It’s a bit funny because I was studying graphics for my test at that time and that thought was something related to painting(I guess I studied too much of graphics :P). It appeared to be like: “While painting the canvas of your life, make sure you paint a beautiful you.” Continue reading