I wish to dive
In a love so deep
With each and every dive
I get addicted
And forget to breathe

I wish to dive
In a love so deep
Where when he tilts his head
I gasp for air
As this smile from him
takes my breath away

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As I sat there


As I sat there watching the sun set
Something inside me sinks and  everything inside me melts..
For the darkness takes over
it’s like you scream and you cry
But nothing changes
from the outbursts of the cry

As I sat there while the last streaks of light faded away
I hoped with the spreading darkness
the moon will appear
For enlightening the path
with the guiding light
But it is a new moon night
Nothing to light up the path tonight

As I sat there in the dark night
I could hear a lot of voices of beings
As if they found their salvation
For its the time when
Peace is at its peak

As I sat there struggling  and juggling
with the thoughts I realised
the importance of light
Made me realize how ignorant
one can be when
there is abundance of any type.

As I sat there engorssed in my thoughts
It was the first few rays of light
Intercepted the myriad of thoughts
It’s the darkest hour that makes
You realize a lot of things.
For light makes things at times,
hard to refine

Embracing the pain


The water was extremely cold. My feet were numb after 5 minutes. It was like nothing existed for next 10 minutes until I withdrew them out. The more you let something agonize you, the more it will affect you. Embrace the agony with open arms; after a period of time that too shall pass.  After all it will come for you whether you embrace it or not better to make peace with it and learn from it.1560660_1150239508319546_6821994988857437141_n

World and HOPE


I’ve been away for too long, the list of excuses is endless but nothing justifies when it comes to staying away from something you love. Life has been pretty hectic for me but let me share this every day one or two thoughts used to strike me for which I have been eager to write about.  Again, the never ending long day kept me from writing. Anyway I am back and I hope this time I continue for good. I’ve been thinking a lot lately(which is not new 😛 ), about how the world is moving and where it is heading. On the one hand the growing attempts of terrorists attacks and the European crisis that has been happening made me sad and on the contrary, I saw a TED video yesterday addressed by President of Kirabati, his country is most likely to be under water in upcoming few years as a result of change in climate. To be honest I watched that 21 minute long video and I was taken aback by how they haven’t given up hope and at the same time they are ready for all the troubles that are on their way. Continue reading

Erratic heart beats


How do you define love? Is it the unusual contraction of your heart at one glance of that person or is it when all the atoms and the molecules of your being get in a hyper excited jumpy state which leave their places and refuse to come back to normal for rest of the day. I have never experienced such state until i saw him. How and when it exactly started I don’t have any clue to that. For all I know is that the guy started noticing me and since I have good observation skills, I ended up noticing him. It sounds funny, I know but I guess things like happen this way. It was like the whole environment is at equilibrium and somebody intentionally or unintentionally opts to get it out of that state. . Continue reading