One thing  you should learn sooner or later in your life- ‘It’s always people who are disappointing’. The more you expect out of them, more disappointed you will be left. The root of all the issues here is Expectations. You think the people around you love you as selflessly as you do but the truth is, that is not at all the case. There might be few, which is a rare case but when we talk about majority you will realize that it’s true. I think the moment you start doing something and expect something out of it, 80% chances are you will end up disappointed. I have learnt this the hard way. I expected people to treat me the way I treat them but reality was a bit distant from the expectation and I ended up feeling bad about it. As a human being it’s quite a normal tendency ‘to expect’. Maybe that is why this very quote exists: Keep on doing good for others without expecting anything in return. Maybe something good will follow but even it doesn’t you are through with your part and weren’t expecting anything. I’ve heard that relying on other people is a part which implies that you trust them or you have faith in them which is equivalent to have expectations. I am not saying you should never rely on someone but you should make yourself so bold and so independent that you don’t expect anybody else to do your work for you. People will always keep thronging in your life, some good & some bad people. Although there is no such phrase as bad people but why we see them so is because we expect them to do one thing and they do the another which is exactly opposite of what we want.So keep doing your thing. What you do is your Karma & what people do is theirs.


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