A Girl Thing


She was watching this video of some valley which she was yet to explore and the conversation of last night took a toll. Being a girl does come with a limitation of its own but little did she ever realise that it will keep her from the experiences she long. Her friends asked her for a trip to which she gently refused. The funny part is that did not crush her heart but the conversation with her parents that shattered the strings of the dream she was weaving. She told her parents laughingly that she was asked for a trip and she declined. They told her the trip she made two months back suffices the quota of entire year and she shouldn’t plan anything further. Restriction is one thing but untwisting the dreams she had for life, seemed a little unfair. It wasn’t like she never pondered over the thought how difficult it must be for her parents to fight the people of the society for the freedom she was already enjoying. She embraced whatever was denied but is it at all fair to keep her away from the adventures she looks forward to at the cost of what might or might not happen when she steps outside. The agony of this torment was hard to bear with the words echoing in the back making her feel awfully helpless. She cited herself as a powerful one with the command of her fate in her hands. She realized that she had been nothing more than a puppet for now her parents and would be at command of somebody else for later part of her life.  It must be hard for Ma-Pa she thought because they meant the world to her so she shook her head to free it from the thoughts to which she had no answers to.


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