World and HOPE


I’ve been away for too long, the list of excuses is endless but nothing justifies when it comes to staying away from something you love. Life has been pretty hectic for me but let me share this every day one or two thoughts used to strike me for which I have been eager to write about.  Again, the never ending long day kept me from writing. Anyway I am back and I hope this time I continue for good. I’ve been thinking a lot lately(which is not new 😛 ), about how the world is moving and where it is heading. On the one hand the growing attempts of terrorists attacks and the European crisis that has been happening made me sad and on the contrary, I saw a TED video yesterday addressed by President of Kirabati, his country is most likely to be under water in upcoming few years as a result of change in climate. To be honest I watched that 21 minute long video and I was taken aback by how they haven’t given up hope and at the same time they are ready for all the troubles that are on their way. Not only this but they do realize that this is not a national issue but a global issue that needs to be addressed on a global level. Sharing the link below if you wish to watch it.

Another video which i saw was about Saving Trees or I would rather say about an app that is “Read a Tree” to make people read an e-book which they get instantly for free once they get this app and click a picture of any tree. Brilliant idea, according to me. Although i love to read paperback but now I think it’s time for change and I myself will try this out. (Link for the video if you wish to check out:

I was wondering we are on our way to a future that is so indefinite with all the issues prevailing but all people are doing is killing each other, nations attacking each other, innocents are being murdered and list goes on.. But the above videos gave me HOPE and there is chance may be one in a million but it does exist.


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