Erratic heart beats


How do you define love? Is it the unusual contraction of your heart at one glance of that person or is it when all the atoms and the molecules of your being get in a hyper excited jumpy state which leave their places and refuse to come back to normal for rest of the day. I have never experienced such state until i saw him. How and when it exactly started I don’t have any clue to that. For all I know is that the guy started noticing me and since I have good observation skills, I ended up noticing him. It sounds funny, I know but I guess things like happen this way. It was like the whole environment is at equilibrium and somebody intentionally or unintentionally opts to get it out of that state. .
I observed it for a couple of days and then I discovered that he sits on the same floor and in the same ODC where my best friend Disha sits. His seat was in the cubicle which is adjacent  to Disha’s cubicle. I showed him to her just for opinion, she said- ‘No, not so happening!’. It’s the tendency of girls not to consider anything after it gets turned down by her friend but somehow I couldn’t give it up on thought since I barely like somebody. This whole activity of me liking somebody was new. After hearing her reaction I thought of not mentioning this thing to her again and I asked my room mate Kajal who happens to be in the same company. She also, by chance (I thought so much of luck at the same time ;)) happens to sit in that ODC to check out his name for me. She enquired about him and that way I got to know his name ; also he is from Chandigarh adding to that she said he is smart mahn. This got me really confused because of the contradiction of the views. I kept my doubts and one day me being all happy and excited I told Disha just check out this guy once more because I am so much in awe of him. Disha was stunned by my words. Seeing my condition she said Dude what is with this guy, now I really need to check him out properly. Once she did that even she was like OMG! He really is something. Disha, I and Ripu ( another guy) ; we are sort of trio in our project. All giggles, laughter & bitching session of ours are held together. Going through this sort of phase I was being teased and the Chandigarh guy was being stalked in the corridors and cafeteria. My behavior was no less than a teenager. Now since I started noticing the guy, the guy stopped noticing me. I know, it is not bad, could have been worse. So I was enjoying my time watching him from the corners of my eyes in the corridors. My heart got this habit of beating erratically at the mere sight of him. I and Ripu sit in the same ODC. Our office is build is in shape of rectangle, with all the ODCs situated on the border of rectangle and the middle area having open space.The corridors of our floor is in U shape with glass on one side and doors on the other side. It’s like one of the gate opens to the straight corridor in which one of the door leads inside  Disha’s ODC. Since three of us always stick together ,we used to leave together for the day. Disha has this habit of leaving late, I stood at the door of my ODC and Ripu was walking in that corridor. He was half way through the corridor and that’s when Disha emerged from the door of her ODC. Ripu turned around and they both started walking towards me. Chandigarh guy emerged right after them. I smiled to myself and shook my head. Three of started towards the exit door of the first floor. They had no clue that the guy is just coming behind us. As usual they started talking about him, enquiring about his shift timings and that lead me into the riot of laughter. I was unable to speak for sometime so was trying to shut them up. They didn’t and then since they started taking really loud, I broke into overwhelming emotions ended up  walking real fast. In the process I almost collided with a few people. Now Ripu got a hint that the guy is behind, he tried signalling Disha about the same but Disha being Disha couldn’t understand and she started asking is he behind us and just turned about time only to hear Chandigarh guy saying-‘Excuse me!’. After this I was like he might have a hint now as in to my liking towards him which is even more embarrassing. Following week shifts for Disha and Ripu changed. My shift started when theirs were over. So one day I had lunch and after that i decided to get something to drink. Despite all the preventive measures i thought of having banana shake. I wanted to reduce some weight so was avoiding shakes from sometime. I went ahead and ordered a small glass of banana shake. I was waiting there while standing on the counter. After what it seemed to be like eternal 10 minutes the vendor gave me shake and that too medium instead of small one, i paid him while talking to myself-‘Oh yeah make me fat’. I turned around and suddenly my heart contracted badly for a second causing unusual dizziness in my head and almost stopped pumping of blood through my veins. Chandigarh guy was standing just behind me and was smirking or smiling I don’t remember. Somehow turned back and started picking up the glass which my hands were not at all supporting. I managed to pick the glass with both hands and even forgot to get a straw. Went ahead two rows and kept that glass down and calmed myself. I was smiling like an idiot to myself. I shook my head went back and got a straw. That event actually made me realized how badly I like this guy. The smile and all the jumping states which he triggered was something that no one did my whole life. Then from next day we started checking out for him on FB and couldn’t find him. Ripu somehow managed to get his picture from LinkedIn in which he was barely looking himself. So we got on a toll of getting a picture clicked by us. Ripu and Disha managed to get some pics but since all were taken from some distance that weren’t at all clear. Finally Ripu risking all his dignity and integrity clicked the finest photo on which we could get our hands over. To make a toast for Ripu after returning back to our homes from office I made that picture the  Group icon which had three of us as members. We talked about how this guy has no clue as in how he is affecting somebody’s  life by being the eccentricity. After these all events it seemed to me that he started ignoring me and that hurt me real bad so I started doing the same. One Friday night after completing the shift Ripu almost dragged  us to celebrate Friday night as we had Saturday working. We went with Ripu in his car to get ice cream from some famous parlour  in Laxmi Nagar. We were singing, shouting and talking on the express way. Since that’s the time when cab leaves to drop employees, even Chandigarh guy’s cab left at that time. He was noticed by Disha since his cab was running parallel to our cab and he was sitting next to driver. Ripu made sure that his cab and our car runs parallel. One fine minute that guy turned to look at our car. And I literally shouted on Ripu to take the car either back or ahead of his cab. It was kind of too late since the guy noticed us. Needless to say I have never been crazy about anybody till date but then this guy made me go gaga over him to an extent that I thought about asking him out. Yes, this crazy! .


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