First SmartPhone Experience


If I say imagine life without a smart phone, most of the people would literally have a heart attack at that very moment. What can I say, this is the way the high end technology is working. However, the case with me is slightly different, probably because my parents always believed in not going after materialistic things unless and until their requirement cannot be overseen. I had been using Nokia phone for quite a long time. Everything was okay with my phone except for the technology since when we talk about moving forward, we need to match the steps with the time. On that note I decided that I should get a smart phone. I had no particular idea as in which one I should be opting, so my sister suggested me MOTO E as she was using it and her reviews compelled me to not to search too much and go for it.

I took her advice into consideration and bought MOTO E. There are various features that made me fall in love with this phone and they are:

-Size: I think, I was more worried about the size as moving from a Nokia handset to a smart phone seemed like involving a leap of size. I certainly am not a very huge fan of phones with big sizes and somehow MOTO E sorted that problem. I had no difficulties in getting acquainted with it since its body is slightly curved and fits into your palm.

-Display and Camera: Its resolution is sharp and crisp which makes the display very lively and bright. I am an avid photographer; its 5 MPX camera comes as a handy camera which helps me in clicking in a jiffy. The images captured by it are very dynamic. Needless to say it’s like another feather in the cap.

– Touch and processor: I heard a lot of good reviews about its touch that it’s amazing. After getting my hands on it, I experienced the same thing. It’s really smooth and felt like cutting butter through knife. Since we are living in a high tech world accessing various applications at a time is one of the necessities. Its dual core processor work wonders on that end.

-Connectivity: It supports connectivity in terms of 3G network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and thus it has made sharing an easy process and has made life easier.

-Cost Effective: Apart from all the features listed above, the phone is available at a very nominal range which considering the overall features of phone is worth it.

That was all about the features and if you wish to explore more about it you can check them at .The touch of first smart phone in your life is a memorable experience and I think MOTO E made it really worthwhile for me.


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