Happiness (=


Happiness comes in a lot of flavours. It varies according to the individuality of a person. There might be a person who finds happiness in small things like a child’s smile, a small flower growing at an extreme place on the contrary another person might find happiness in making profits by big business ventures. Likewise a lot of things prevail and it totally depends on the nature of a person how they interpret things. To me Happiness comes in a lot of forms. It is when I am myself in between the people I know ( I am outgoing but then my normal self is way different with my family members), It’s when I am walking down a road having a lane of trees whose leaves are flowing with wind and when at times a random leaf split itself from the tree and comes down in a whirlpool manner. Also, catching up with old friends and chatting like I have only 10 minutes with me (when in reality I have almost 3-4 hours) and I have to update them on what’s going on with me in a non-stop manner. It’s when I sit somewhere alone by myself in a park and observing different people around me. It’s when I see my family members smiling and knowing that I am the reason behind that smile. It’s when I read a book and feel like I have been in a different world altogether. It’s about helping somebody who is not capable. It’s when my acts inspire people & changes somebody’s life. It’s when I walk alone. The list is endless because it’s something that comes as you wish to embrace it. I have been hearing this lot that ‘Do what you love’! I tried thinking about it and aptness of this statement is pretty much predictable. Doing what you love leads to a contentment and brings you a feeling that you are doing right and good in life. This indirectly is associated with the productivity. The happier you are, the more valuable will be the output because the work that gives you a satisfaction brings the best out of you. That is one of the reasons why everyone advices to opt what is relevant and what makes one happy. Company like Coca Cola (http://CokeURL.com/96jnc) has its tag line as ‘Sharing Happiness’. Below is the video which describes it beautiful, how are they achieving what they believe in:-

I think to be happy one need not to have too many things in life because even when a person owns a lot of things that person is not happy but a person who owns nothing is content to the core. You just need to have an insight as in what makes you happy, what touches your heart, what keeps you motivated. Once you figure that out a lot of things will be sorted and you will be clear with the kind of choices you wish to make in your life.


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