Chapter from my life.


Life is a mix of both white and black. The deeper you plunge into one colour, more are your chances of exploring the other one but for that you’ve to keep looking. I am a self motivated person and I drive my energies from my surroundings. Nature, as I have mentioned in my previous blogs too, has been my prime inspiration always. I am usually very giddy and okay type of person but then  there is always a low to every high. Life exists in contrast; sometimes a thought crosses my mind why the tough time even exists? But then if we think about it what would be life like if nobody has any issues? There would be no going out of comfort zone; there would be no reason to look up to, not even a purpose to live for! Like whole definition of life would crumble. That’s the exact reason which explains it all, the existence of everything. The housing( people are on a spree of making our difficult lives easy by providing world class services in one go.

When I was 1 year old, I had a high fever. I was taken to a doctor and then like usual practice he gave me an injection. I was taken back home after that. After 2-3 hours when I got home, my body started having red spots all over and even the fever was high as ever. Turned out the muscular injection given to me got injected into some vein and that got damaged. Nothing much happened to me as I was well after some medication apart from the fact that I started walking on my own a little late than a normal person, had to wear plastic support for my foot. I used to walk a bit differently because of the damage caused to the vein. I used to be a bit sad a lot of times because of the fact that I can’t walk properly. I went for my operation in 9th standard and what I saw in the hospital made me realize that suffering is as you see it. There were hundreds of people of all the ages waiting for their turn and turned out most of the cases were similar to mine. A mere injection and they had fatal impact on their bodies which were quite visible. I talked to people whose both legs were completely folded, a little girl child who had her both legs plastered and those conversation changed my life. Those people were not completely able but still their liveliness infected the whole environment. My legs got operated on and it just took half hour for doctors to fix whatever was wrong ( I don’t know till date what exactly doctors did :P). I also, got to know after a few following years that I cannot run because that left me with a lot of pain and doctors suggested that I won’t be even able to walk properly if I continue running. But then this time I wasn’t worried about running. I was happy that I could at least walk. To me those people, whom I met in the hospital, changed something inside me that was the way of living life. They taught me whenever you’re in doubt that you don’t have sufficient stuff, you should always look at those people who have nothing at all. That won’t make them any good but then it will always help you understand that as long as you’ve hope and will power you will survive and after all this life unveils its truth in the form of learning to those who fight .


4 thoughts on “Chapter from my life.

  1. sakshi

    An inspiring write up yamini…
    You beautifully highlighted the constrasting feeling of despair n hope at the same time.

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