Lessons For Life


Home is a place just like the roots of a tree, no matter how up you move as the stem you always derive your strength from your roots. Same is the case with us, no matter where we put up there is always this place and the people who remain our strength. Housing( https://housing.com/) is one such fastest growing family who believe in simplifying everything to help the world live better.

I feel honored and humbled to have a huge family of cousins, aunts and uncles. I will share a short instance derived from a period in my life which has taught me a lot of things. My aunt was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer, stage 3 in the month of May last year. She had been in pain by then for almost 2 years. It’s not the disease that is difficult but then keeping your hopes and your will high for being cured. Her pain was inevitable but her spirit was indomitable. She was the kind of woman who would do anything for her loved ones and if I would say she lifted the standards of her family, that wouldn’t be wrong too. She left her studies in 10th standard because she didn’t like the way the system worked in a government school. She got married at an early age. She had 6 sisters and she was the only one among the seven sisters who was least educated in terms of degree but later turned out to be the only one working as a nurse. Her will power to lift her family against all odds and her affection for her children was unimaginable. I saw her fighting bravely bearing the pain, surviving the side effects of medicine. The chemotherapy ate her whole body but she never left hope. Hope to get rid of the disease, hope to be normal, hope to see her children growing and leading a happy life. She had two children, one girl and one boy. The girl was married long way back and her son was not. After the doctor told her that she should do whatever she wants to see as soon as she can. She fixed his son’s (my brother) wedding. Even though she was completely on bed, even though there was a little ounce of strength in her body she still arranged whole marriage as per our customs with whole excitement and her determination and optimism was so strong that she herself did all the rituals wherever her body allowed her, even though she haven’t had gulped water in 25 days by then and was completely on fluids. Once My sister was changing my aunts IV Drip and she was so engrossed in the whole responsibilities of the marriage that she did something wrong which messed up with the pressure and then a lot of blood drained out of my aunt’s hand. Still, my aunt was just watching her lying in bed as she quickly made up for the mistake she did. Her patience was strikingly amazing. I am very short tempered a lot of times and I get irritated very easily. It was her patience that taught me my worries are nothing in comparison to my aunt’s and yet I am the one who is so weak in my conduct. It was all the events which I saw with my own eyes that taught me a lot in ways I cannot even describe. When it was time for me to leave after my brother’s wedding, I couldn’t control my tears in front of her and even though it was her body that didn’t had the strength, it was her who had very few days left with her but yet it was her who was saying to me- ‘Why are you crying when I am being so Strong?’ These were her last words to me and they still echo in my ears in the time of weakness. It’s the value of togetherness which let me peep in her life so deeply. Though I am an optimistic person but her optimism has taught me no matter what situation life throws in front of you, it’s your optimism that will define you and your life.Her patience, her indomitable spirit, her will, her optimism and her determinations has what moved me as a person. She passed away in February after a long fight with cancer. Though she passed away but she enlightened me by passing me the invaluable lessons of life.


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