Embracing change #StartANewLife


6 years since I have been living away from my family yet my stomach churned at the thought of leaving my home yet again, not for the studies but job this time. Shifting to a new place means you get to paint your life in a refreshing way. This time it was a bit different, for me from the previous two places I have lived in because it was in different state. It was also because I was all by myself with nobody known around. I remember the date when I was leaving for Noida in the morning of 20th August with my mother and father. They drove me from Hanumangarh to Noida and we reached in the evening. After checking in the hotel they left for dinner and asked me to join but I was too tired and told them that I will stay in the hotel. It was not the exhaustion that kept me in the hotel but the very thought that what my first day in office is going to look like. Though I stayed back but kept turning and tossing in my bed. Next day after getting ready when I was eating my breakfast I remember I couldn’t even swallow properly because of the nervousness. Though I wasn’t able to make acquaintance with anyone but I survived the day which is like winning a battle when it comes to a person like me who used to make excuse to run away from the new school the very first day. Nevertheless, my parents settled me in a PG and left. Finding a good PG in Noida is a battle in itself and while I was in office for first two days my parents took care of the matter. The housing.com https://housing.com/in is making life a lot easier in this field. There is this beautiful video that describes how they have evolved, they work  and the vision they believe in.

For me it was like another challenge because though the PG was good but they weren’t providing food and that meant I had to cook. I still remember how I had no idea on what reactions should I give when I was told about the cooking thing. I had an idea as in how to cook but then doing all the things by myself was yet new challenge. I never cried while leaving my hometown in the past for studies but this time I couldn’t help it and while I was bidding good bye to my parents, tears automatically surfaced. My PG was on Ground floor with four rooms and a big hall and a kitchen and there was only one person living there apart from me. It felt more like a haunted, deserted place at first but now when it’s buzzing with more girls, it’s lively than ever. Getting up at 6 in the morning to prepare lunch, leaving for office by 8, coming at 8 and preparing dinner, this routine sounds quite simple but it isn’t. Let me share this, the burned chapattis and over salted vegetables never tastes good but then it leaves you with a satisfaction that you’re doing things by yourself. It’s a self liberating feeling and you feel that you are independent and there is nothing in this world that can beat this sort of feeling. First 10 days were the hardest for me to survive but what kept me going was ‘the change’. If you wish to grow, you must adapt to the change by coming out of your comfort zone. Now when I look at those ten days after 6 months, I realize it has changed me in a lot of ways. I am more confident about being in an unknown place or rather I would say, might love that if it will happen in future. The most incredible part of my life has been the NATURE, I drive my strength from it. While going to office I used to walk first and then instead of hiring an auto I used to get a rickshaw for myself. Because it moves slowly(not because I am heavy) but it is the way it works and I used to enjoy the ride as there are lots of trees on the way and apart from that there used to be a land running parallel to the road entirely draped in greenery. A thought used to cross my mind while traveling to office every time that these trees are the result of strength that they have shown in the adverse conditions. Same is the case with us. We become how we grow out of adversities and challenges. Also, there is this thing about a place, you should never judge it by people for people may move from one place to another but it’s the nature that remains the same whichever part of the world you move to. The only difference you would find is that it gets a lot more mesmerizing at some places. This was how I started a new life. #StartANewLife and grow like never before.


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