Because it’s Birthday of my Goddess!


I have been writing a lot about how incredibly beautiful this life is, and today as well I am going to write about the same but centered around one person in my life. I am going to talk about my mother because it’s her birthday today and I think some moments give you a perfect time to think, reflect and express almost like pausing your life and taking out time to things which you miss on in your daily life.

Well like every mother my mother has been (& will continue to be) the best mom in the world. I think I cannot even imagine my existence without her. From being an emotional person to the transition of being fearlessly bold, from being extremely skeptical about changes to embracing the changes with open arms is something that I’ve learned from her in one way or the other. The point where I am standing right now if I look back I think had it not been for the big plunge that she took for me when I first left home for studies and all the sacrifices she made for me so that I can have whatever I need and also ensuring that I can stand tall on my legs in my life a wholesome credit goes to her. I think mothers are a divine gift of God and I totally believe that God cannot be everywhere and that’s why he created mothers.

For all I am and who I am is all because of you Mom and I don’t think a simple thank you can even touch what you’ve done for me, for us but I would like you to know that we have a special place for you in our hearts and we hope that we can do something for you which you wanted in your life. You are a true inspiration in the way you’ve been leading your life and directing our lives as well and making us realize how beautiful life is.

Loads Of Love,
Yours Eldest Daughter.


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