Perspectives and RISE


Perspectives do have a way of showing and portraying a flip side to the coin which would go rather unnoticed if the word like perspective wouldn’t exist. The amazing fact is that it does exist and it’s astonishing how it reflects a part of one’s personality. For example a sapling growing on pipe at times might seem like a waste to one person but it might be an inspiration for some other person reflecting that every wildest situation comes with a solution; it can be difficult but certainly not impossible. I was watching this movie (whose title I am unable to remember) in which the lead actor was conducting a workshop for all the people who haven’t been able to grieve after loss of a closer person in their lives. He took them to the road outside the building they were in and asked them what all they can grab from the present situation they are encountering. A lot of things were observed by various people like people walking down to their offices, crying child, honking, passing vehicles, delivery vehicles etc. Then he took them to the terrace of that hotel which had 70 floors. After taking them their he asked what is it they see? The answer was rising sun, the birds, serenity and everything which was completely opposite of the chaos they saw below on the road. Then he told them that this is the same world not a different one but then the only difference is that of height. So if you want to see things in a different way you will have to rise some levels above because chaos and disturbances is always going to be there. The way out is how you want to see things it’s just the opinion that matters.
I was forced to think after watching this that a lot of times we get so much into the problem and daily routine of same approach that we tend to form a shell around us that is our comfort zone and beyond that we don’t even imagine things even happening. If we can take time out to get out from the chaos and have different approach things we might get ways of sorting things in an innovative way. It’s all about the value you have to live each and every day and innovation should be certainly one of them. Think about it had it not been for somebody with alternate thinking the wheel wouldn’t have been invented and all further innovation in this particular sphere wouldn’t have been even possible.  In the same way if we want to go to a level where excellence should be the word for defining the work done by us then it has to be that alternate thinking for driving that innovation.
It is not necessary that the innovation has to be very big but then it should be the way it can change the day to day lives in a good way making it even better but for that perspective needs to be worked upon.  So keep on challenging the conventions and observe things in ways that brings out a good change and RISE.


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