Teacher’s Day: Thank You note!


How can India which is, a land of cultural diversity, a land where nearly 33 crores of gods and goddess are worshiped, a land where a guest is considered equivalent to a god can stay away from celebrating the day of mentors which indeed play an important role in shaping the life. This auspicious day came into existence because of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice-President and second President of India. He believed in learning and had a thriving passion for education therefore his birthday 5 September now widely known as teacher’s day came into existence. It’s been truly said that ‘A stature of a teacher comes before God himself ‘ and why wouldn’t it be because God is creator of this universe but a teacher is the one who makes us learn about this very existence of universe.

Growing up is a beautiful thing but then what’s amazing is the learning part while growing up. Learning has no age a person starts learning from his/her mother’s womb and a fascinating example of that is perfectly depicted in ”Mahabharata’ when Abhimanyu learns about getting into 7 rounds of so called ‘Chakravyuh’ and later on was recognized as fearless warrior of the war that happened between Kaurva’s and Pandva’s and the learning continues till one is on his/her death bed. what matters the most is you never stop learning because the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing. Needless to say teacher can be in any form what matters the most is that you are learning from that very form. To me nature is my teacher a lot of times because it motivates me in ways I cannot even start describe in words. So I would love to take up the opportunity to thank all the teacher’s I have had so far be it school or be it college. I feel privileged to be here where I am standing right now and I wouldn’t have been here had it not been for all mentors I have had till now.Then I would love to extend a special thank you to my parents because they have been the people who have been the pillars of strength and courage in my life. Their life and the way they have lived their life are the small things that has made me learn so much about life and that makes me recognize anywhere I go because I live the principles which they’ve taught me.


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