New Beginning


I started off from my home on 20th in the morning with all excitement and thrill of beginning another chapter of my life that’s starting with new job. I won’t lie I was shit scared not because I was leaving my home for the very first time but because I knew nothing about what future is enfolding for me. Usually people get friends to accompany them joining the same day and at same place but it wasn’t the case with me, but I consider myself lucky enough to have best friends who make you feel like they are just behind you (of course via phone calls :P). I consider this a big reason for surviving the very starting few days of my joining because their faith is what kept me realizing that I am strong even if I am not I need to believe that things will be fine. Parents indeed have been those support pillars without whom I think i wouldn’t have strength to hold back and embrace the new change. That’s when it clicks value people in your life because sometimes a phone call or some words of courage is all you need to push yourself forward. Their presence is what gonna keep your life twinkling even in the darkest nights. 


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