Closing Another Chapter: College Life!


Yesterday when I was sitting at the entrance gate of main building in my college a smile automatically floated on my face every now and then. Reason was it was the Last Day of my college. I was wondering how four years have flown by. It’s been definitely a journey full of roller coaster ride. From class to bunking to viva’s to examinations it’s been hell lot of time. The day went pretty well of course from signing a final report to get No dues certificate signed by 15 odd people scattered in whole campus( it took us some 2-3 hours to get that done and visiting every building was like revisiting an old memory which was making us smile) then clicking pictures capturing moments so that every time in future just a glimpse of those picture reminds us of a all smiles day. Then the day ended with a visit to a close friend. I am the one who do not belong to jaipur and I am leaving today and when I was bidding bye to those few friends of mine they had tears in their eyes. One after the other every eyes were moist because things are going to change and four years are getting over. Overwhelmed with emotions and tears someday yesterday would look like a faded memory but I can’t help thinking to myself how we entered college as a bunch of kids passes from school and here we are a bit grown up, a bit mature. There lies a huge difference when you leave college. There would be no more carefree days, no more fights over last bite of cakes and chocolates. No more planning of what excuse to give to teachers fro why things were not done on time. Things have already started changing and now I think they are changing really fast that scares me a lot sometimes but then you remember your past days how you survived those days and then you think they will be a faded memory too sometime. To all the friends I’ve made in these four years it’s been a pleasure to have you in my life. Things will change and they will change for good because we are starting another chapter of our life and trust me that is gonna be more amazing than this one.



11 thoughts on “Closing Another Chapter: College Life!

  1. This post made me re-think when I say that I don’t like my college days. I’m now moving to the second year of my engineering in Jaipur and oh well, I have realized to spend each day like it was my last in order to enjoy.

    Thank you!
    *sends best wishes for the next chapter in your life*

    • Sakshi trust me when you say you don’t like your college days on the last day you will realize these will be one of the finest memories of your life. so enjoy it to the fullest πŸ™‚ Thanks for the wishes and good luck to you too! πŸ™‚

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