Scar and Transformed You


Ever tried to take a look at yourself, not talking about the outer beauty because I believe everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I am talking about a deep look at yourself, where you stand in front of yourself and you see and analyze your past. I did that and what I discovered were scars and deep wounds which I thought would have healed and disappeared with time because they stopped paining deep within. It surprised me that till date I bear them not the fresh scars but the imprints of them as if just a look at them will make me feel that pain again, be it was struggling for something that I wanted to achieve or be it the Love I felt for someone. The point is that scars remain and just a glace at them will flood you with old memories but then you have to realize you are who you’re because you are the one who survived those wounds and now that they have transformed into scars they define you.The agonizing pain which made you give up at sometime in the past. The late night work which you did maybe because you felt that it was your responsibility to get it done. The fights for good reason to prove yourself and that you believe in greater good.They imply that you are stronger as a person, you have the ability to survive those shocks that you received in past. Trust me I have never been proud of myself but then look at all those scars made me smile not because that reflected how scarred i was but they showed me how I have transformed into better me and a better person.


4 thoughts on “Scar and Transformed You

  1. Hi Yamini,
    So true. And it’s great that you thought of writing about it. Because I’m sure a lot of us feel the same way. Just knowing that you survived harder stuff will be motivating.

    • Hey there,
      Thanks. 🙂 It always is motivating when you look back and see your struggles and for me it kind of gives me more strength to move forward.

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