Because some places are your roots.


Ever felt stuck at one place, ever felt crossing that one place makes you feel as if there is rush of bus loaded with memories and old times. Ever felt that one place giving you goosebumps where you have spent most amazing and awesome time of your life? Ever felt attached to that one place that reminds you of the transformed you? Ever felt standing at that one place reminding you of your start and makes you wonder if there was any end to it? Ever felt that you canΒ  literally picture your image in every single corner and every single corridor of that one place. Ever felt that your whole life was centered around that one place for a considerable amount of your life? Ever felt walking by that building makes you smile? Ever felt if given a chance you will run back to live that old time? Because it just needs a cup of tea and a friend from that time by your side on the same spot as it used to be in past to realize that these were the roots from where you’ve emerged and rise. It will be always the same no matter how old you will be and pass this place again it will always feel like a train of memory rushing through your blood imparting a smile.


3 thoughts on “Because some places are your roots.

  1. It certainly is a delightful feeling of nostalgia… My old school makes me feel like that, so do the old playgrounds where we used to play so much :).. Kinda reveling in joy πŸ™‚

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