The Teacher: Mother Nature


Nature has never failed to surprise me, inspire me in ways I cannot define. I never gave it a thought how all of this started before coming across this contest featured by Kissan at . I know for some reason I consider nature as my source of inspiration but never followed the trail back to discover when it started and how it started. My writings, my optimistic behavior and every trait of mine is inspired from nature in a way or other. So I decided to reverse and discover the very reason of all of it. I remember once when in summer holidays while enjoying TV at my grand mother’s place, a sparrow entered the room and got kind of trapped and before we could switch off the fan it had it’s encounter with fan and was on the floor. Having seen every single moment of that incident I don’t know when there were tears in my eyes and I rushed in kitchen to get my Grammy. I told her what happened after getting her inside room. She asked me to bring water immediately, I got some water she poured water on that sparrow and asked me to say ‘Ram Ram’ and told me this will work and strangely it worked though it took half an hour entirely but it was as if her body was rejuvenated with new soul. For a kid of age 7 this was whole lot to take in but this whole event left me with a sense of kindness and today people compliment me for being sweet and kind and I think that’s the impact of that event on me. There are times when one passes through gloomy moments and it’s very difficult to keep up the hope at that time. I was undergoing through one such time when I was in 12th standard because I thought somehow am loosing myself because of the schedule which was tightly packed. I remember how my park visits used to calm me down. One such day I decided not to walk around but to sit down on a bench in the park. I was just observing people around me how some people were walking on pathways and children were playing merrily, women chattering while doing exercise and of course not to forget the chirruping of birds( which was kind of background music amusingly). I saw a small plant coming out of some heavy stone which was on the ground. Even though it was very tiny but was beautiful. Then it struck me when this flower can blossom out of this hard stone how can I not survive in the path I have paved for myself. This worked magically on me and got my hopes up and finally I was able to survive that hard time. There are various moments which you might be neglecting where mother nature is ready to inspire you all you need to do is take a deep observation around and you will never know how it can do magic in your life.


4 thoughts on “The Teacher: Mother Nature

  1. rathore03

    This reminds me of my childhood. I was at my Grandpa`s place and there me n my cousin decided to do some adventure activity.
    So we decided to go for mountain climbing and we started our journey from that very moment. It took us a good long hour to reach at the top of the mountain. I was completely exhausted when we reached there but after re energizing myself i noticed an amazing view, plain of sambar lake was in front of me and rest everything seem so small that i started feeling myself as the ” King”. but then i suddenly noticed few busy ants at the same point where I was standing.
    What I felt : In whole earth what the hell they are doing here???
    what probably ants felt : some stupid is claiming himself as king!!!

    then i understood the complexity for the nature…..
    it really doesn’t matter how big is the challenge n how small you are what matters is your dedication and your passion in conquering that challenge !!!!

  2. Your Grandpa is a wonderful lady and her little act of kindness has inspired me, too. Loved your story dear. All the best for the contest 🙂

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