Ticking Clock


As I was checking calender today in morning , the only words which came out of my mouth were-“What?? February Already??” Little do we realize time flies away in split seconds and what happens with most of us is that we running far behind it. Even extending arms to catch up with it while running will not shorten the distance. Make each and every moment of your life count in a sense that it brings you happiness & peace because it might not be possible every time to match the steps of ticking time but if you are doing something that you love while you miss on other things it will at least make you content and happy. Trust me life is very short to be sitting in one corner and being buried under the work which doesn’t give you thrills and chills. Even a lot of people won’t be around you when you realize it, late. Do what you love and live while spreading joy and happiness around among the people you love and care the most. With this close your eyes and find out whom & what you love the most before it’s even too late for you or for them to know what you exactly feel about them.


One thought on “Ticking Clock

  1. rathore03

    true sayin!!!!! also reminds me of three basic rules of life…..
    1. If you do not go after what you want, you`ll never hav it
    2. If u do not ask, the answer will always be no and
    3. If u do not step forward, you`ll always be in the same place

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