Let it go and greater good will follow.


Ever felt like things you love might slip off from your hands? I have been having thrills like this from morning itself. While cleaning the cupboard I got a lot of stuff, most of them were the things which I was holding back from the fear that they might be important to me but the truth was they were the things that were stacked in my cupboard for more than a year but it was more or less like trash. I chose to let them go finally.The result I got some space in my cupboard to fill in with new things! In the evening I finally got an ultimatum or alarm about something that I love the most that I might have to bid adieu to it. I don’t know what are the chances of this happening but definitely it almost felt like Whatt?? This is going to be it? A lot of time you got to give up things you love the most to let some other things of greater good to follow. If you will cling on to one thing that did good to you, you won’t find next amazing thing waiting for you & that’s the beauty of life. You got to move on and find new things, new love, new passion, new obsession to celebrate every moment. All you need to do is make some space for them.


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