Cycle Of Life


Today on my way back home after a long tiring day when I was walking on road, was thinking about the whole day the efforts and toil I put into work. Then I saw an old lady with stick in hand walking with a guy holding his hand she wasn’t using stick at all, that was just in mid air. I was smiling seeing that she was walking in a really cute way that was obviously because of old age. I was just going to pass them but then a few meters ahead of them I saw a little girl walking holding hands of her mother. She was also walking in a cute way. Then it struck my mind as if past and future are walking hand in hand. Probably that little girl would be walking same way in her 50-60s. and this old woman some years back in her childhood must have taken steps with her mother the same that cute little girl was taking. And then there was me who was walking all by myself. It made me realize it’s a cycle that comes back to you no matter what. So always remember if you are good to others it will automatically return back to you in one way or the other and if you do bad, you will pay for that too. Just that the mere picture of both old lady & little girl walking together took my breath away as if my past and future are walking hands in hands with each other.


3 thoughts on “Cycle Of Life

  1. This is really sweet. Something similar happened to me a few months ago. I wrote about it a while back the post was “I saw my 90 year old self” But, I was pushing my son in a stroller (he is 2) and we were at the jogging trails. Then I saw a little old lady and someone pushing her, she was in a wheel chair. As they got closer to me, I saw the man who was older but, younger than her, he had to have been her son, that was pushing her. They went by and she said a little something about them being “quite different in age” (her and my son) and she sort of laughed. It was so sweet. I was thinking how the cycle of life goes on and in many many years that could be me being pushed in that wheel chair.

  2. rathore03

    I was hearing “dont you worry child ” while reading this!!!!! and actually heaven’s got a plan for everyone!!!!

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