Life is Inspiring and Hauntingly Beautiful


A new day, a new era, a new experience and what not has been already been embarked by 2014 already on the very first page of my 365 page year booklet. To be really very frank I never thought I am going to be with all of my loved ones(Mom, Dad and my cute lil sis You’re still missing though) but then all madness, laughs and dance somehow actually gave a perfect ending to the year 2013 which was quite monotonous but yet it added so many beautiful and amazing experiences to the year that is long gone now. It’s actually fascinating how quickly time flies one second you are into that moment and other second you realize the moment is a memory. Make sure that you actually enjoy the flow very necessary it is!  In short I am grateful to that superior being who blessed me with this amazing life because when I analyse my surrounding environment I see people who cannot even afford the way I am enjoying my life.

2014, I don’t know what you hold in for me but I really wish you to be kind to all people. To all my readers thank you for taking time out of precious life for reading and appreciating, I will try my best to pour my heart out for expressing and making you realize that Life is Inspiring and hauntingly beautiful! 

 Much Love!


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