Light that’s been missing inside!


Clouds of thoughts were roving all around

Where I’d get into them made me more astound

It was as if I never thought this’d happen with me

But when do thoughts change real life?


World seemed to be hazier than ever

I tried to scarp myself from outer to inner

Not even a single ounce of feeling I had before

Could be felt in left side flesh smeared with red


Yesterday was the time when things inside

Used to carve a semi circle

Little did I imagined time flies

Seems like all drops left by rain have paved

their way back to the sky & with them even Hope hasleft!


It got me scared not because I didn’t had someone by my side

But I could feel nothing as if I am bark of a hollow tree

No matter how old & strong I seemed outside

To the contrary I was totally numb on the inner side.


Today before dawn I stood in the dark under moonless sky

The wind was blowing hard as if trying to knock me out

& In no time,

First rays from sun scattered all around, with that

Darkness was gone too in no time.



It left me with a thought it’s not my hollowness

Light is what’s been missing inside

Like the rays of sun whooshed the blank night

So somebody will completely fill me up

With the right amount and at correct time.


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