Live life like never before


We constantly are walking with the flow of our lives which keeps us from thinking how mesmerizing life is & sometimes it so happens that you don’t even realize it until it’d be last breath that you’d be taking in. That is the moment you see your life span in blink of an eye. You have mixed emotions and you want to do all those things you have loved all your life but were never able to do because you were too busy and entangled in life cycle. That moment is too late for realization as well. Isn’t it? I am writing this because I had a small encounter just 3-4 days back and luckily it wasn’t my last moment I am glad about that but trust me I was wondering what were the things I would have missed on doing had that been the last breaths of my life. I really gave it long thought and I know what I really want to do and hopefully I would be accomplishing them before my life gets over but then I would be satisfied and content with whatever I have achieved and done in my life. So stop for a while and think what you want to do exactly, things that will make your last moment happy and satisfied. Obviously not  everything can be done but imagine a set list with majority of check boxes ticked off is still much more better feeling than not even knowing what they exactly are. So peeps love life and celebrate life like never before because Oscar Wilde has truly stated:-

Life is too short to be taken seriously!


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