Divinity in the Air


It’s was again a while I haven’t left my room for almost a week(this time because of my foot ache). Yesterday I had to step out for some work and the raining festivity season stupefied me with it’s magic. Walking down the streets, I could hear the bells ringing, people(including kids) chanting mantras and prayers, above all the scent of incense stick was adding more fervor to the air. There I spotted myself totally immersed in listening, smelling, smiling, walking spell bounded on the road. It’s magical how festivals makes you devoted & happy at the same time. Okay I totally forgot to mention this festival is known as Navratra(meaning Nine days) where for nine days people fast, pray & dance together and devote themselves fully to Goddess form of the Infinite Source.

These festival perhaps adds life to the daily schedule we have. Positive  vibrations from all around makes one(at least me, I hope people share the same feelings) feel rejuvenated and peace inside soul.


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