Define your life as Awesomeness


A lot of time it happens that you feel low, don’t even feel like talking to anyone, don’t want to see anyone. Yes, it does happen with every one. What happens is that it takes away a moment from your life. Wondering what that one moment holds in itself? Had it been in that moment you would have been networking you might have been somewhere else or even if you were out there enjoying, living that moment it could have been one of the best memory for a life time. Surprised? yes, even I was like the same when i thought about it. This is the innate beauty of life whatever you feel throngs your life. If you are sad you will find even more reasons to be sad it can happen through a series of chain(one after the other) but if you try to shew away all the things that makes you sad and try to be happy, something might come up which can define and change your situation but for that you have to be willing by welcoming  and spreading your arms. Accepting the situation and embracing life with liveliness is all we need.

This character ‘Barney Stinson’ from the TV Show How I met your mother  gives the whole message in one Quote-

When I’m sad I stop being sad and Be Awesome instead.

BE AWESOME PEOPLE. Life is too short to be lived in anything else but happiness.


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