A Lamp Post, A tree and a Dog


While jogging around at 4.30 in the morning all I was feeling was immediate urge to sit down and drink lot of water ( :P). This is what happens when you don’t exercise regularly and suddenly out of the blue you start jogging. This was my scenario. Amazing morning it was totally dark, with after rain effects & cool breeze blowing my head off. I was going on my way back to home and I happened to see a dog whom from a slight distance I assumed as a big stone because the dog  curled it’s whole body which was appearing like a small rock to me. I don’t know I was in sleep or what but it amazed me totally. Then there was the shadow of the tree under which the dog was. I took a moment to see where the light is coming from. The shadow was formed due to the light from a nearby lamp post. Then only one thought came to my mind – Don’t cut trees because nobody gets inspired under a lamp post and true story it is. A lot of times while doing Nothing under a tree breaks out a streak of ray. A ray of Hope, a ray of chances, a ray of belief that there will be opportunities ad infinitum. Well my message would be Try planting trees if not for yourself then for you next generation because you can get millions of lamp post on a order very next day but it’s the fruit of hard work and toil that one reaps when a sapling is planted. Let the inspiration be there Forever and always.


2 thoughts on “A Lamp Post, A tree and a Dog

  1. sherinsk

    what is it like waking up at 4:00 a.m?i see sun at 7:00 am.when i go to bed i always have this thought of getting up early and go for a walk or something.i always stared at our cat trying to catch a dragon fly.The way he hides,waits for the right moment yaa we can learn a lot from god’s creatures right?

    • Not so good when you wake up but when once you’re out of bed and walking/jogging on an empty road it’s awesomeee. The cool breeze and less vehicles adds to it. Totally it’s in the eyes of the person who see it! 🙂

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