Beautiful You & A Happy Story.


Today while I was on my way to college,I suddenly realized something that was a thought. It’s a bit funny because I was studying graphics for my test at that time and that thought was something related to painting(I guess I studied too much of graphics :P). It appeared to be like: “While painting the canvas of your life, make sure you paint a beautiful you.” It is a quite simple thought but if we think about it, it really has a deep meaning. Somebody has quite truly said: “In the end we all are stories. While some are sad there are happy stories too.” What kind of story you wish to portray or not even portray to others but to your own self has to be chosen now because if not now then it will never be. Life is short and there are so many things which can make you happy and content. Chase things which out of nervousness tickles your belly. There is nothing that lies in being sad. Though even that is kind of an inspiration to many beings but blooming flower is much more beautiful than gloomy flower. Choose Wisely, Stay Happy and Make sure In the end you are a Happy Story instead of A sad One.


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