Walk with LIFE


Sometimes all you need is touch of nature with Life to make you more alive to make you feel that you are a part of a beautiful world that you are missing while walking through life. Well sometimes it makes me think why me merely walk through it and we can walk with Life? I got very worried for some reason and thinking about it over and over again got me stressed out a lot. I didn’t left my room for quite a time, never went out. It was quite astonishing for a girl like me who never used to stay at home now never gets out from her own room. So I was all packed between four walls and solitude. One of the four wall bears window panes which I used to keep covered with curtains most of the time because whenever I used to be at home I loved to spend time in a bit of darkness it soothed me in some ways. Once it just happened for some reason I drew those curtains for some time and my whole shady room was full of bright light. It happened to be the evening part of the day and what I witnessed was amazing. Do you ever wonder why childhood bears so many good memories? It’s simply because we used to play with everything and anything. Remember all we ever wished at that time was to wait for sun to go down so that we can slip under parents nose and play our wishes out and have fun. Then All i did was I made tea for myself and went out and sat on porch and started feeling everything the cool breeze which was blowing unevenly with smell of recently watered soil & fragrance of flowers. It had a calming sensation on my mind. When I observed children I laughed the way they were playing, fighting, singing, dancing altogether at the same time. It reminded me of my own childhood. The trees were dancing rhythmically with the beat of wind and leaves were adding the beats to make it even more pleasing.

This all relaxed me like I never had any worries. And Later on I sorted my problems too, it happened in blink of an eye. So have an encounter with nature and feel life. These short moments define life. I can say earlier I was walking through life and now I am walking with it!


5 thoughts on “Walk with LIFE

  1. I loved this line Yamini – Do you ever wonder why childhood bears so many good memories? It’s simply because we used to play with everything and anything…

    So true, we found the innocence to play with literally everything, right from a card to the dew drops and of course the rains and after rain special of splashing by shaking the trees around us.. Some things money can never but – True bliss indeed πŸ™‚

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