Not about who you were, bout who you wana be by being who you are!


A lot of thoughts keep on popping in my head.Millions of people walk by my side and it never fails to amaze me every time as I notice their individuality. While some of them are already living their Dreams, some are still chasing theirs & there lies a category with people who are barely aware of the path they are walking on and where should they be heading. I have heard this quote many times- “To travel is better than to arrive.” It’s quite apt too. The joy which lies in the journey. A journey which is about discovering you, about making you, about helping people in the way, the happiness you share in accomplishing the small things which are small steps to your ultimate big Dream. Trust me when I say it’s about discovering you it is about knowing the real you, about what you want from your life. But still I meet people who keeps on crying about the past whatever happened in there with them,  people without even realizing that they are loosing the present time too and one day they will cry about this too. I am not saying that I never did this thing the truth is I did it but then I learned to let it go completely. From my experience I think to me it was like a baggage I was not letting it go and which was holding me back to embrace my present which is key to my future. Life is full of experiences some experiences leaves you in awe and some leaves you astonish where you see that even you can commit mistakes but never let yourself and anybody tell you that you fuck around every possible job given to you. If nobody is prefect than nobody is that worst too. I will share one of my experience with you wherein I realized all of it. I was and still am a part of this global youth run organization named AIESEC. I managed to get in it  incidentally never knowing that I would have it as an integral part of my life. It had made me who I am today in short it’s what I can say about it. Anyways I got an opportunity of being Vice-President of Social Sector and I completed my term of one year in January’13. It was a very  big journey for me of learning and then leading at the same time. At the end of term for an Executive Board(bunch of all Vice President along with President is known as Executive Board for a Local Chapter) we have this formal forum Annual General Meeting where in old Executive Board gets officially discharged from their responsibilities after presenting the work they have done in entire year. The quote which I mentioned earlier- “To travel is to better than arrive.” I quite got this meaning of this quote at the time when we got discharged and were standing together facing the whole local chapter and sharing what we felt at that moment. That was the moment when I realized the true and actual meaning. At that time I was more happy about my journey not for the moment.

Executive Board AIESEC JAIPUR 2012-13, Stellars

From then I have started again to explore more of me towards a better person being a good soul. After all it’s the journey that’s beautiful from being good to the best. and It doesn’t matter where you were standing it’s always about where you will be always and that’s going to be towards a better state positively.


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