Gush -matter ov time


I have known many  places and town &have explored them so far. I know each corner each street of those places. Even If I step onto a street which has not been explored by me, I still don’t have fear of losing. Because I share a special bond with this place ,with the people over here, with the hundreds of smiling faces around me. Every time I see a new face I see some unfulfilled desire, some constant wishes Inside , with every moment passing by I can feel the spark in there heart. Life comes to us in several phases some uncertain moments some cherished merry times ,not to be left many hard times as well. Every time I see a child I feel life cant be more innocent, every time I pass a garden I fell nothing can be more creative. When I pass by a rock I feel nothing can be more harder .But when I see the transition of seasons I  find nothing last through eternity but memories and love do last and forever that too by transition. Taking time out of your busy schedule A walk on empty road on a chilled winter night makes you realize about your every breath and heart beat.

There is a gush of feelings every time because some phrases remain unsaid, there remains some unexpressed emotions. Circumstances some times makes you stand in front of two such options where both of them are something you consider worth anything ,but choices has to be made . After all behind every leader , are some choices which made them stand different from crowd. Attribute and Attitude towards anything  is a reflection of  who you are ! Life comes to you in variety of colours.  It’s up to you: whether you make a mixture of those colours and become Black or absorb each and every colour and reflect a rainbow!


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