Inspired~ Yeah Totally!


I couldn’t write for almost 3 months. I was worried what is it that is keeping me from something I love. It was before my last semester exams I stopped everything. Things were changing really fast, but you sometimes like to keep things dear and near to your heart. A lot of people say my writings are totally inspired from nature and that is true as well. Nothing inspires me more than a silent garden or buzzing city life of Jaipur or how carefree kids play in the street or how the trees, actually their leaves and branches sings and dances with the flow of wind or the chanting sound of Mantra’s in a nearby temple and the list is definitely endless. Yet there are different forms in which nature never forgets to mesmerize me. The ink engulfing water or simply imparting it’s color to water makes me feel enchanted. This is actually how the philosophies work too. Good people walk in your life when it’s directionless and leaves you enthralled with the beauty of your own self and walks out at some point of time. They simply paint you not in their own but with the color of which you were unaware until they walked into your life. So I traveled to my college for past 3 years in college bus. I was sort of delighted in first year, engrossed in books during the second year and earplugs are all I remember from 3rd year. This year that is 4th year I dropped the college bus facility to avail public transportation and trust me it amuses me one time, pisses me some times, makes me laugh at other times. It’s no more like a regular routine of a college bus. You don’t know when you are going to catch city bus until then you feel anxious for you might get late. No more regular same people every time. You will see new faces every day, I feel that is kind of interesting for me. Then there is heart of city which constantly keeps buzzing in fact it’s weird to watch city in night when there is less traffic because some places have their own arena if it changes it feels like somebody took off its essence. This is how my day to day life changed a lot by a simple choice. I don’t know where I am going be next year for sure but one thing I am sure is that nature will continue to inspire me & take me forward with its flow.


2 thoughts on “Inspired~ Yeah Totally!

  1. Well I don’t know about nature but yes you surly inspiring me allot….I think I should start writing my thoughts….give them a voice!!!
    Maybe not sure…:)
    As always you rock 🙂

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