Tree & Life.


I was walking on the road and all I could see was road painted with yellow. Yellow leaves shed by trees were all over. I couldn’t help myself so started thinking over a thought. We keep on running behind things we know we cannot hold on to knowingly those things are supposed to be left after all they are not meant for us or their purpose in our life is fulfilled. Every thing or each person that happens to come in or life is for a well defined purpose that might vary from learning a lesson to getting life from that person. As soon as that gets fulfilled they ought to leave but it’s human nature once we get attached to somebody we don’t let them go  so easily. Sadly, Ironically the person leaves and we think we have lost our life ignoring the fact that was one of the string of our life that was supposed to happen to learn, to grow, to learn how to love, live, forgive and embrace whatever we have in best possible way! Trees actually look lovely with green leaves embracing from each and every corner, but still a time comes when they bid adieu to each other and tree lives for quite a time without the real beauty but they do live and time comes when they again start to bloom. So is our life, even it has two wheels one is best time and the other one is not so good time. As long as we remember that After every Dark night comes a beautiful dawn,Life can be an auspicious rainbow. People are meant to step in and out of our life, while good ones makes us learn how to live some merely gives us lesson for lifetime.


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