Situations are like butterfly, one moment they will be around you and the next moment you won’t even realize they were there. What keeps me spell bounded is as beauty of butterfly keeps us mesmerized so does the strength of situation keeps you engrossed just the difference between two is you enjoy purely the first one but you won’t even realize what you are learning and instead of enjoying it you miss those moments. There is one question ‘does situation makes a person?’ The answer to it has been always doubtful because situations are powerful they can adjust people according to it. There are times when people’s decision for situation are completely out of their hands because they are according to the need of hour but it’s true it gives reflection of a part of their personalities. How does it reflect now? Every action of the person reflects their part of personalities for eg- Rose smells breathtakingly beautiful wherever it is kept even if it gets dry. Same it is with people, the fragrance of their actions denote who they are. Flowing with situations makes it easier to enjoy the serenity of life. You learn various aspect and above all you enjoy it. So don’t be worried about what decisions are you gonna make  because they will always scatter fragrance of who you are, may be partly  but they surely would!


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