Darkest before Dawn


I had a really really bad pain in my mouth for almost a week. With every piece of even spice less food it skin burnt like i have a lot of chilli in my mouth. For one night I decided to eat spicy food with sore mouth. It burnt & pained like anything but I kept on eating(I guess that’s my love for food). A little later I realized my upper jaw was numb as if nothing happened and it was better the next morning I woke up. It occurred to me just like that usually we give up on things when we are in extreme pressure not even knowing whatever we want it lies only a few steps ahead. The pain and agony when it becomes unbearable, it’s natural to throw up on things still think about it what if it lies only a few or may be at very next step. What if you just gave up on your entire work, sweat, tears and toil a step before? Sounds bad? It definitely does to me at least! Whenever you feel like giving up or the pressure becomes unbearable just think about how much efforts you have put in it to work out to the level you are standing on and you would give up when you have just the last test to pass through. you will surely get your answers. There had been a lot of situations where I felt like giving up and I totally did and today I wonder what beautiful i would have created had I not stepped back at that time. So understand it’s always ‘darkest before the dawn’ and ‘the pain is unbearable before you achieve’. Do not let The Dream go away so easily.


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