Be Happy. Be Inspiring.


Sometimes it’s hard to understand what you want exactly. It leads to frustration which leads to another problem and the list goes on endlessly. It’s the inner unhappiness of my being which makes me exhausted, sad worse is it makes me cry. One day I was sitting just like that and my sister came to me and ask me to come with her and showed me a tiny flower and that didn’t excite me at all (as I used to get earlier) because I was too involved in my own self, too busy to even notice the tiny pretty flower. On observing my expressions she told me Do you even remember yourself? You are the one person who used to be so much observing and you used to actually celebrate and cherish existence of these small things/beings. You were and still are an inspiration to me. Because you had your own eye your way of seeing things finding happiness in small things which most of the people wouldn’t have even notice. This makes you special, please don’t loose yourself amidst of all other things. Keep this characteristic of your alive, I am sure you will find a way through your ups and down. You need to be happy first and then only you will be able to put up your soul and heart in things you really wish to achieve. Hearing this from my sister who is younger than me, I realized there is so much to learn from her. She is saying that I am her inspiration but actually it’s her who is bringing back to me my own self. In true terms she inspired me in that moment. There is so much to learn, yearn and earn. But for all you need to be happy which opens all gate ways to every possible field and path.

Life is to be happy and be inspiring always and make sure that you pass on this message to everyone because it’s truly been said  Sharing is Caring.



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