Purpose: Attain it


Powerful are those people who believe in the beauty of their dreams and invaluable is the moment when they realize it. Well there is no particular so called ‘funda’ for finding what you wish from life. Not saying it’s too easy but yes all we need is to take is a moment and realize what we wish from our life, what purpose we want to fulfill, the purpose that makes us alive, the purpose we can give our life for it because that Purpose is what we stand for. Our life reflects the value which we live up to attain the higher Purpose. Purpose can be anything for anybody from spreading smiles to set level for others. It can be as simple as you wish it to be and as complex as you wish to have it. But after setting it once, you have to remember it every day and work for it every single second you have got(well you will not have to try because each & every instinct of yours will inspire to work for it) . Once you have got your charm trust me you will reflect it for your every action will define your purpose for which you are living.
Now just picture it: You were born then remember your innocent childhood and memories then your studies the pain which you took for it and above all the pain your parents took to make it happen. Then you search for the purpose of your life. That defines your small little world. Imagine it getting accomplished and the feeling you get while completing that journey. The moments which made you feel proud and moments your loved ones felt proud of yourself. Isn’t it beautiful?
Now just think what it takes to attain all of it. Just a small thought and your little efforts & hard work. The life will be beautiful & amazing all you need to do is to embrace it with your own defined PURPOSE.


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