Orange & Yellow’s Dime


Early in the morning as I opened my eyes, my room was flooded with shades of orange & yellow’s dime. I could feel the curve on my face instantaneously at that very second of time. Yes why it shouldn’t be like this after a long mind boggling yesterday I had a long night with myself. I was feeling as if the dawn painted me with some beautiful colors after the dark & stark night. Long gone was the agony as it relaxed my mind. Often we hear the quote after a long and dark night comes a day full of beauty and light. I felt it like today as this quote became alive in front of my eyes. I couldn’t resist myself from going out and bidding thanks to God for creating this beautiful world with inspiring nature.Birds were chirping all around as if they were singing Morning song in their own tone. The droplets of water on plants were slipping from it as if they were parting and saying we did our part we will meet soon again in night. Chants of morning prayers were audible in the air. It made me felt more beautiful than ever.

All my worries were gone and what I desperately wanted to do was to embrace beautiful today. It occurred to me How we live in agonies of pain every time when even we have some biggest examples in each moment of our life.


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